Top seven places to visit at Vishakhapatnam

Top 7 Places to visit in the Tranquil Land of Vishakhapatnam

Vishakhapatnam is a coastal gem of India located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This coastal paradise is mainly known for its Portland and steel production, but there’re number of places at Vishakhapatnam which attracts heavy tourists throughout the year. If you haven’t decided your next destination to explore, then landing to Vishakhapatnam is the best option for you. The city is connected with railway transportation system, by air, and roadways. People head to this city for health tourism and also for industrial visit. Purpose may vary, but the destination is equally astounding for each and every tourist coming here. Located in the Western Ghats and Bay of Bengal, Vishakhapatnam is home to many natural wonders and splendid view.The city is connected with railway transportation system, by air, and roadways. The passengers booking their tickets to Vishakhapatnam can order food online in train at stations en route and enjoy their journey with tasty food. Here’re seven places specified where one must make their visit in this city for a perfect holistic view of this place.

Araku valley:
Located in the green hills of Eastern Ghats, Araku Valley is also home to a number of tribal population as well as there’re few tribal caves and the Museum of Tribal Arts. The Araku Valley is also famous for its exquisite coffee. One can also try a number of adventure sports like swimming and trekking. If you’re a tourist looking for a place to feel tranquility, then Araku valley, located at 120 kilometers from Vishakhapatnam is the best location with breath-taking landscape views.

Rishikonda Beach:
The crystal clear blue water, bed of golden sand, and water sports like scuba diving, snorkel, speed boating, water surfing, jet skiing and sea kayaking are the attractions which every tourist can experience during their visit to this serene beach.Located on the coast of Bay of Bengal, the natural charm of the Rishikonda beach is popular among the locals and foreign tourists. This makes it a perfect weekend gateway for the tourists landing to Vishakhapatnam. It is eight kilometers away from the port of Vishakhapatnam. Holi is one the most celebrated festival on this beach.

Katiki Waterfall:
Waterfalls are a picturesque beauty. Katiki waterfall is surrounded with the lush greenery of Araku valley. For people who love adventure can move on for a trekking in the surrounding area. The waterfall measures about 50 ft. So, even on a short trip to Vishakhapatnam, do not miss this extravagant natural gift of God. It’s a popular attraction among the foreign tourists for trekking and a popular picnic spot for the locals.

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary:
It is located on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam and connects the tourist with the natural harmony. The sanctuary is a home to many wildlife species like panthers, Sambar deer, spotted deer, barking deer, jackal, and wild dog. The seasonal forest and thick lush greenery at this sanctuary is magnetic and attract high tourists from all over the India.

Yarada Beach:
You arrival to the port city of India, is incomplete without visiting Yarada beach. This beach is surrounded by three sides of green hills and at one side the Bay of Bengal flows on its full charm. The view point of sunset and sunrise is the “best moment” spent here at the sea-shore. The golden sand spread throughout the beach makes you feel like the place is welcoming you with a golden carpet. The clean water and backwaters make your mind and heart swing with joy and happiness. There are some more beaches located in the city but Yarada beach is the most popular among locals and tourists. Making a visit here completes your trip and tenders you the overloaded joy and pleasant experiences.

Apart from these five places there’ are two more locations to feel the historic and spiritual elements of Vishakhapatnam.

Borra Caves:
If you haven’t seen the surreal wonders of Nature, then these stunning caves are going to give a thrilling experience. These amazing caves are situated at Ananthagiri hills in the lap of Araku Valley. The cave is a wonderful creation of nature where different kinds of shapes make this cave more thrilling and breathtaking for the tourists. Not only the exquisite decoration with natural flora and fauna, but the caves are built deep up to 80 meters making it a venue for an adventurous trip. This cave is known as the deepest cave of India. If you are really an adventurous traveler, then challenge yourself a walk though this cave from entrance to exit points where a number of bats and golden geckos fly, having their home in the darker areas of the cave. A must visit place at Vishakhapatnam where you can explore the glorious beauty of Araku Valley and wild landscapes of this picturesque spot.

Varah Laxami Narsimha Temple:
This hill top temple is located on Simhachalam Hill where the lord Vishnu is worshiped in his Varah form with his better half Goddess Laxami. This is an ancient temple located in Andhra is built in Kalinga style of structure. The idol of Varah Narsimha is enveloped with sandalwood paste all the year and it is only “Akshay Tritiya” when the idol is washed and worshiped. This temple is one of the most visited places after Tirumala temple of Tamil Nadu in South India. There are also small ponds flowing nearby the temple known as Varah pushkarani. This temple is located in the lap of nature and blessed with Lord Varah Narsimha. A must visit place for photography and prayer offering.

How to Reach

By Train: There are various trains connecting from New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata that reach Vishakhapatnam, and passengers can plan their journey along with ordering food online in train at Visakhapatnam junction of their choice, and enjoy their train journey even after Vishakhapatnam. There are several taxis, cab and other transportation services functioning outside the junction which connect passengers from several parts of the city. Most of the train plying from Delhi and Mumbai don’t have a pantry car. You can opt for e-catering services providing you fresh and tasty food in train.

By Air: Vishakhapatnam International airport is located at the distance of 8 kilometers from the city. There are regular flights operated by several major airlines connecting Vishakhapatnam to other metro cities of India. Some flights also connect the foreign countries with the port city. Several taxis and cab connect the tourist from airport to city center.

By Road: Vishakhapatnam has wide road connectivity. There are several inter-city buses connecting the city to some of the nearby towns. There are buses available from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

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