Top Trains Connecting Chennai and Kolkata to Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam also known as the Vizag, is located in the coastal areas of Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The city is known for harbor and marine tourism. There are a number of beautiful beaches and aquatic activities which draws the attention of tourists from national and international locations to this gem land of India. There are several trains connecting Visakhapatnam from the metro cities of India.  Being the most affordable means of transportation, trains have a wide connectivity in each corner of the country. The Indian Railways have passed through many development milestones and getting equipped with many facilities to make the train journey easy and comfortable for the passengers. It has also introduced e-catering service through which the passenger can order food online in train at Visakhapatnam junction. Well maintained infrastructure, Wi-Fi enabled stations, modern facilities, food in train availability by IRCTC, and comfortable coaches have made the train- journey much interesting and fascinating. Here’re some of the details of major trains operating from the Kolkata and Chennai to Visakhapatnam. These two metro cities are located nearby the Visakhapatnam having good railway connectivity.

Train connectivity from Kolkata to Visakhapatnam
Kolkata is located at the distance of almost 885 kilometers from Visakhapatnam. There are more than 25 trains running from the Kolkata to Visakhapatnam. In spite of a number of trains operating between both cities, only few trains including Coromondal express runs daily from Kolkata to Visakhapatnam. The minimum journey duration is 13 hours and maximum journey duration shots up to 17 hours from Kolkata to Visakhapatnam.

Major trains connecting Kolkata to Visakhapatnam Howrah Mysore Express (22817):
This train pass through 11 halting stations to reach Vizag.

  • Source – Howrah Junction Railway station
  • Running Day:Friday
  • Departure Time: 16 : 10 (4 : 10 pm)
  • Arrival at Vizag: 5 : 40
  • Pantry car – No

Kanya kumara Express:
This train halt at 5 stations to reach Visakhapatnam operating from Howrah Junction.

  • Source – Howrah junction railway station
  • Running Day – Monday
  • Departure Time – 16 : 10
  • Arrival at Visakhapatnam – 5 : 40
  • Pantry Car – No

Howrah TPZ express (12663):
This train also connect both cities on weekly basis.

  • Source station – Howrah
  • Running Days – Thursday, Sunday
  • Departure time – 16 : 10
  • Arrival at Visakhapatnam – 5 : 40
  • Pantry Car – no

SHM SC AC Express (12773):
This train operates from Shamir railway station of Kolkata and reaches Vizag by completing the journey of 13 hours 45 minutes as scheduled.

  • Source station – Shalimar Junction railway station
  • Running days – Wednesday
  • Departure Timing – 16: 05
  • Arrival at Visakhapatnam – 5 : 46
  • Pantry – No

Other major trains originating from West Bengal connecting Visakhapatnam

  1. Coromandal express ( 12841)
  2. Falaknuma express ( 12703)
  3. Howrah junction Chennai central Mail (12839)
  4. Shalimar – Visakhapatnam junction superfast express ( 22853)
  5. Shalimar Hyderabad Deccan special train ( 07127)
  6. GHY SC express ( 12514)
  7. NTSK SBC Express ( 22502)
  8. East coast express ( 18645)
  9. Shalimar SC weekly express ( 22849)
  10. Amravati express (18047)

Train operating from Chennai to Visakhapatnam
Chennai is the gateway for entering in the southern regions of India. There are several trains running from Chennai to Visakhapatnam junction. Both the cities are located at the distance of 780 kilometers and connected with more than 30 trains running between the cities. Here’re the details of major trains are specified running from Chennai to Visakhapatnam either on daily basis or weekly.

MAS SRC Ac Express (22808):This train connects the passengers from Chennai to Visakhapatnam completing the journey duration of 12 hours. This train is the most sought train to reach Visakhapatnam

  • Chennai. Source – Chennai central (MAS)
  • Running Days – Thursday, Sunday
  • Departure – 7: 55
  • Arrival at Visakhapatnam – 20: 35 (8: 35 pm)
  • Pantry Car – No

MAS SRC express: (08082):
This is another train which runs from Chennai central and halt at the station of Visakhapatnam for 20 minutes completing its journey in 12 hours 25 minutes.

  • Source – Chennai central
  • Running days – Monday
  • Departure – 7: 50
  • Arrival at Visakhapatnam – 18: 35
  • Pantry Car – No

Coromandal express (12842): This train runs between Chennai to Howrah, halting at the station of Visakhapatnam.

  • Source – Chennai central (MAS)
  • Running Days – Everyday
  • Departure – 8: 45
  • Arrival at Visakhapatnam – 21: 50
  • Pantry Car- Yes

MAS NJP express (22611):
Chennai central-New Jalpaiguri express is also a frequent train running from Chennai to New Jalpaiguri via Visakhapatnam making it halt at Visakhapatnam for 20 minutes.

  • Source – Chennai Central (MAS)
  • Running Day – Wednesday
  • Departure – 11 : 00
  • Arrival at Visakhapatnam – 00:10
  • Pantry Car – No

Other trains originating from Chennai connecting Visakhapatnam

  1. Visakhapatnam express (22870)
  2. Dibrugarh express (15929)
  3. Guwahati express (15629)
  4. Bhuwneshwar express (12829)
  5. Howrah Mail (12840)
  6. Haldia express ( 22613)
  7. MAS Asansol junction express (12375)
  8. Rameshwaram express (06101)
  9. Chennai central Puri Express (22860)
  10. Chennai central Shalimar express (22826)

These are the major trains connecting Visakhapatnam to the nearest metro cities of India. To reach Visakhapatnam, Kolkata and Chennai are the main spots from where a number of trains operate frequently for Visakhapatnam. Most of the tourists board the trains either from Kolkata or from Chennai to reach Visakhapatnam. The above mentioned trains are the most sought trains to travel from Kolkata and Chennai to the Portland of Visakhapatnam. You can reserve your train ticket in any one of these trains to reach Visakhapatnam far a refreshing trip. There are many trains running without having a pantry car. To feast your appetite, you can order online food in train for availing quality food at your berth.

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